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A Simple Letter and a Caring Heart

At Rebecca’s Homestead, we believe that corporate sponsorship is about forming relationships. In the case of our first corporate sponsor of 2021, Allen Paper Supply, that relationship began in a way beyond our imagination. Theresa Kral, the CFO of Allen Paper Supply, had stumbled across a 3-year-old letter from Dennis and Michele. Upon reading this letter, Theresa felt an overwhelming desire to help Rebecca’s Homestead in any way possible, and in February of 2021, she placed a phone call to Dennis and Michele.

Rebecca with Theresa Kral

Theresa and her wonderful husband Bob had reached out with enthusiasm at just the right moment, offering to give generously from their resources, which Michele refers to as, “God’s perfect timing.”.

Bob Kral and Dennis Elmers unload some supplies

Allen Paper Supply has since provided Rebecca’s Homestead with dishes, cookware, and all the tools needed to keep our property clean and sanitized. We cannot thank Allen Paper Supply enough for their kindness and generosity.

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