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Work Day, Saturday, April 17, 2021

It was a busy day at Rebecca’s Homestead this past Saturday.

Justin Vander Groef, of Wantage Excavating, trucked in three loads of crushed gravel and then expertly worked it with his front-loader to create a firm, densely-packed wheelchair-accessible entrance way to the raised garden beds, soon to be built by employees from Home Depot -- Dover, NJ. Justin provided the stone at cost to RH and donated his time and equipment, saving us countless hours of manual work.

Thanks also go to the five men who showed up on Saturday to help rake out the crushed stone, as well as dig out and build a foundation for the future chicken coop/goat barn. They also ran electrical wiring to two different spots in the garden area, re-shingled the outside of the small barn, ran conduit for water underneath the driveway, and conduit for electrical to the barn at the back of the property. (Needless to say, it was a busy day.)

Update: Raised Garden Beds

The raised garden beds are to be constructed next week (Saturday, April 24) at the Home Depot of Dover, 530 Mt. Pleasant Ave, Dover. “Team Depot” will be doing the building in their parking lot and Rebecca’s Homestead co-founder Michele Elmers will be there to cheer them on. Stop by and say hello (and shop at Home Depot) if you are in the area next Saturday.

Thank you, Wantage Excavating, and, thank you, Home Depot! What a blessing you have been!

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