Barley Fields

The Vision                                                                          

Inclusivity & Sustainability:

Rebecca’s Homestead was formed to build an inclusive and sustainable community designed to foster independent living for adults with developmental disabilities. Beyond a traditional group home, Rebecca’s Homestead will be a vibrant place of employment that benefits local community residents as well as visitors. The homestead will be a residential, single-floor home for up to 12 men and women who all contribute to the daily operations of a joint farm and bed and breakfast inn.

We see Rebecca’s Homestead as a place of comfort, great food, and hospitality – a place that enables staff to interact with and be a part of the community-at-large. To purchase and renovate a property for the homestead, we have set a fundraising goal of ($1.5 million). We are considering a large property with a farmhouse and barn that is suitable for renovation. The owners are motivated to sell and don’t want to miss the opportunity. If this property is not “the one,” we will pursue other locations.


The Future of Rebecca's Homestead
Artwork donated by Melissa Kevlahan