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About Us


The oldest daughter of Dennis and Michele Elmers, Rebecca was born in 1987 at Wayne General Hospital after a normal pregnancy. During her delivery, however, Rebecca couldn’t breathe. Within an hour of her birth, Rebecca was transported by medevac to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center and placed on full life support. Rebecca survived, thanks to the grace of God and the skilled care of St. Joseph’s NICU medical staff. It was through their faith in God that the Elmers were able to overcome the fear and helplessness they initially felt. Rebecca was released after 18 days.

Rebecca’s Homestead

Over the next few years, Rebecca was seen by multiple specialists. She underwent open-heart surgery at 18 months, began school at the age of two, and learned to walk by the age of five. Rebecca will require life-long care and support due to Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, and global developmental disabilities. Over the last 30 years -- primarily the last 11 years -- the family has had the privilege of becoming acquainted with many new friends and families connected in some way to Rebecca. It has been through these contacts that the Elmers have gained a desire to reach out to each of their daughter’s friends affected by disabilities and support them in their future living needs.

The Reality

The support programs operated by the state government do not provide adequate support for Rebecca and her peers until they are desperate -- either due to age or illness of parents -- or because of severe behavioral problems of the adult affected by disabilities. The state of New Jersey has more than 8,000 disabled adults currently awaiting housing. Sadly, Rebecca and many of her friends don’t even qualify for these waitlists.

Our Solution

We believe we are here to provide a more secure and positive future for Rebecca and her friends. This residential home will house men and women with disabilities. The Homestead will become the residence and training facility for developmentally disabled adults who will contribute to the daily operations of the farm. The solution lies in the continued training and support for this special target audience. Their pride of ownership in living in and operating the Homestead as a self-sufficient lifestyle through hospitality and farming will help to provide peace of mind for their families as well.

To make a donation in support of Rebecca’s Homestead, please click the "Donate Now" button at the top to navigate to our secure donation page.  Thank you!

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