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The Gift of Volunteers Keeps on Giving

As a non-profit, we rely on our volunteers. They all give so generously of their free time. It could be housecleaning, painting, stripping wallpaper, putting up a fence, cleaning out a field of brush, or preparing and serving lunch. There is no task or talent we turn away.

Since our first official volunteer weekend on February 13, 2021, we have welcomed more than 75 different volunteers! These individuals show up to serve on any given day of the week to do whatever is necessary. We have welcomed people who have given their professional time and talents just to make a better place for the population we are trying to serve. With the help and dedication of each hour they give, we move closer to our goal to receive residents for living, socializing, learning, and becoming a family in the community of Wantage.

An unexpected last-minute surprise.

While we try our best to register volunteers for events and workdays at the Homestead, we are often blessed with surprise volunteers. We are always so excited to see how they are ready to jump in and bless us with their time, talent, and fortitude.

As you may know, volunteers can learn about opportunities to serve through our website or on Facebook and Instagram. A few weeks ago, Michele’s cousin Gina saw one of our last-minute calls for volunteers on Instagram. We needed Saturday help with light cleaning at the house and wallpaper stripping. Gina surprised Michele and showed up at the Homestead to help. She jumped right in and cleaned alongside the trustee and Michele’s sister, Denise Di Dolci. Together, they cleaned our great room, filled with renovation garbage, to make it ready for furniture. Gina went above and beyond what was expected that day and continued with a donation of household linens and a discount to purchase anything else we needed with a corporate discount.

The Heart of the Homestead

Volunteer tug on our heartstrings. While we can’t always predict how they’ll give of their time and talents, we are always overwhelmed at how they bless us. We’re moving forward one day at a time, by the talents and blessings of volunteers.

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