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From the Mission Field of Africa to the Local Missions of Habitat for Humanity.

From the Mission Field of Africa to the local missions of Habitat for Humanity: meet Ken Landrud, President of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity. Dennis and I have known Ken, his wife Judy, and their selfless service to the people of the Congo for 30 years. Never in our wildest dreams would we have known at such a time as this, Ken with all his years of experience running building projects in Africa could be a part of the building and accessibility renovations for Rebecca's Homestead. FYI- Michele has had a dream and desired for more than 50 years to serve the people of Africa in mission work.

To connect with Ken through SCHH now and be able to listen to his stories of the time in the Congo. My heart is full. SCHH recently started and finished the work project of making the flooring barrier-free in the Social Gathering room Red Barn Building. SCHH also repaired the back steps, renovated a shed for a chicken coop to house hens that will lay eggs. This began in early September. Homestead Lawn Sprinkler Co spent the day on 09/8 as a philanthropic day preparing the property and room for renovations. Then Wednesday 9/15 the SCHH team arrived at 8 am with a work ethic that is seen as pure gold. The projects were recently completed on Wednesday 9/29 having spent my time with these amazing volunteers, both Dennis and I have come away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm because this team of volunteers serve in the utmost professionalism and respect of property that we simply say please can we keep this relationship going. They have committed to doing more projects as we seek to raise funds for materials, they are ready to return when we call. Rebecca's Homestead is blessed and more barrier-free because of the work of SCHH, RH thanks SCHH for saying YES to our call.

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