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Tile Delivery, January 10, 2023

On Tuesday Allen Paper Supply of Dover (one of our corporate sponsors), provided Rebecca's Homestead with some much-needed help by picking up six palettes of ceramic tile which had been donated by Garden State Tile of Dover. The tile will be installed in two bathrooms now being renovated by volunteers from Sussex Habitat for Humanity. Because the tiles were so HEAVY they needed to be picked up by a truck with a hydraulic lift. Just one call to Robert Kral Jr., President and CEO of Allen Paper Supply, asking for their help resulted in an immediate response of, "Yes, ABSOLUTELY."

Below are some pics of the truck at Rebecca's Homestead. Thanks to driver, "JP", who was careful not let the tiles get damaged in the transfer off the truck and into the garage. (JP ROCKS HIS JOB!) These are the kinds of little and BIG things that happen when you are part of a non-profit. The generosity of others -- sometimes strangers you meet for the first and possibly only time (like JP) -- motivates us to keep doing what we are doing: support & serve this population of adults affected by developmental disabilities. 

A great big THANK YOU! to Allen Paper Supply and Garden State Tile of Dover.

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